Have you ever watched a video online that you thought was just screaming to be edited? Sure, I’ve felt that way. Of course, that fleeting moment could pass once you think about downloading the video, importing it into your video editing software, and trying to figure out how to make the edits that you want. If you already have the skills and the access to resources that are needed to edit some videos, then good for you, but if you don’t want to spend more than a few minutes putting your remix together, then Cuts could be the solution for you.

Although the service doesn’t support videos from all of the video hosting sites out there, it does support YouTube and Google Video, which is good enough to start with. Instead of having to upload or download anything, all you have to do is provide the URL of the video, and then you can immediately start to edit it. Cuts enables you to add captions, insert sound effects, cut out certain scenes, and loop moments that you particularly enjoyed. Once you’re finished, you can then embed, link to, and e-mail the remixed video to your friends.

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