What initially started out to be a small list of personal contacts has quickly grown into an unkempt mess of names and numbers. When you meet a lot of new people, you quickly develop an extensive contact list, and if you don’t have a method of keeping track of that list, then you’ll lose track of who that person was that you met at that party six months ago. Even worse, you may have a ton of business cards from new contacts, but if you’re like me, if that information isn’t recorded digitally, then it’ll be lost and forgotten before too long. No matter who you are, you should have a way to keep track of contacts on your computer, and myContactDetails provides one.

You should know that this isn’t the best contact management solution out there, and even though it lacks a lot of the extra features and is fairly generic overall, this is exactly the type of service that some people are looking for. Entering and organizing information about your contacts is simple yet powerful. Users can also tag, rate, and import/export this contact information in a variety of formats with ease.

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