It seems like everyone is trying to learn how to make money online. Online advertising has exploded, and this has led to countless bloggers clinging to their AdSense and hoping to squeeze out as many pennies as they can from it. A lot of people and companies have done really well with AdSense, but the majority of content publishers barely cover their hosting costs with Google’s advertising monster. On the flip side, some have opted to help sell products from various e-merchants like Amazon in hopes of recovering a small profit whenever their promotion leads to a sale. With Bravisa, you can sell products that you don’t own and make some money in the process.

The unique thing about this system as opposed to some other systems is that you markup the wholesale prices however much you want, and this helps you to earn the most money, although Bravisa will still take out a 10% commission from your markup. Bravisa does have some interesting products, and you could potentially earn some money without doing hardly any work, but at the same time, the whole process seems kind of cheap and ridiculous to me. I know other programs like this exist out there on the Internet, so I want to know whether or not something like this has worked for you before, and if it has, what have the results been like?

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