Color me shocked. Jack from Fosco & Jack’s Kickass Podcast is pleased as punch with our program, though he only listens to it (MP3 audio) rather than consuming its native format (MP4 video). His perspective speaks volumes for any audio or video ‘caster:

First, let me say that I really enjoy the content on your RSS feed and have both learned a lot and enjoyed myself greatly listening to the Chris Pirillo show. I usually listen to your show on my iRiver or on my Nokia mp3 phone (6133a if you are curious). Nonetheless I looked at the shows from today and see that the MP3 format I know and love is no longer included. Is there a separate feed I should use? Or (and please say no) is this format no longer being syndicated. This would be mean great sadness to me if it were true and I definitely hope you can help me with this simple matter as your show is one of few that I don’t miss. Thanks again, not only for any help you can be on this matter, but for your show.

First, let me explain to everyone that we have been producing videos with the full knowledge that some people are only interested in listening to our discussions – which is the prime reason I don’t do a lot of up-close shots in general (instead, choosing to refer to the screen). I treat the video segments like I’m in a “radio” studio – so the value of the video is in my presence as well as the live chat scroll. Little value is lost with audio-only delivery and subscription – which, by the way, has a completely separate feed (for MP3, as opposed to the regular show feed which is for iPod/PSP-compatible MP4 video).

I think it is crazy for all podcasts not to be available as an MP3 (audio only) format. I can’t tell you how many video podcasts I listen to that I’ve never even seen. I understand that some things might go over my head because of certain visual cues missing, but I usually find that the shows I enjoy are compelling enough even if I don’t see the video, such as yours. Why don’t people get that MP3s are still king and that most people could be more likely listen than to sit watch. I’ve always felt this is true and thought that video podcasts who do not release an audio only format (Rocketboom, Scoble, Geekbrief, Ask a Ninja, Tiki Bar, etc.) are missing out on a big audience by doing so. Learn from Diggnation, The Chris Pirillo Show, and from the CNN/FOX/MSNBC channels on my satellite radio in my car. Hell, even Howard Stern had a TV show at one point and yet the audio version of the same content is what consumers were ultimately hooked on. Most of the time, the audio is good enough if the content is good to begin with.

Heh. He gets it – he understands what we’ve been doing and how we’ve been doing it, even though I’ve never gone through and actually explained the method to my madness. People who consume podcasts while driving can still enjoy our productions – and enjoy them on a completely different level if they choose to watch the archives later.

Moral of the story? Don’t let the medium destroy your message and alienate your audience.

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