I’ve got a friend who just came into town, and his housing arrangements fell through. He’s been flipping through Craigslist, having posted a general request to secure living arrangements twice in the past couple of weeks.

Sorry that our Seattle-area discussion list is down at the moment (and I’m not sure when it’ll return). Normally, I would post this request on there – but time is of the essence in this case… and I would appreciate any and all leads that would bring a solution to this predicament.

I’ve given him my ClearWire modem, so Internet access is not an issue. He’s a telecommuting geek, listens to music on headphones only, doesn’t “party,” doesn’t mind animals, is low-maintenance, and easy to get along with. I thought he might find a sublet in the U district in the interim, since his budget is ~$500/mo. If you’re looking for a roomie, or know of someone who is looking for one, PLEASE let me know ASAP.

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