Over at Scots Newsletter Forum I stumbled on a request from biolertech AKA Mike, who posted a request looking for people to beta test a new Linux distro called Pioneer. I looked at the TaFusion website which if offering the distro for testing and they stated the following:

Cedaredge, CO, August 3, 2007: Technalign, Inc. announced today the release of Pioneer Explorer 1.0 Release Candidate 1. RC1 has a new look and feel over previous Technalign versions, a new live kernel, improved wireless support, and the additions of Intel WinModems added to the kernel. Pioneer Explorer is nearing the completion of the fork from Canonical and brings changes to the repositories that are completely Technalign maintained. Pioneer Explorer has a 12 month lifecycle and will continue to improve. KPPP has also been changed and is now faster than previous versions providing dialup users a better Internet experience.

Pioneer Explorer is Technalign’s community version meant solely for the community. Pioneer represents Technalign’s best release in 5 years and provides a simple to use “Programs” folder for the most requested applications by Linux users today. Automatix is still a choice if users want to use the application instead of the Programs folder on the desktop. NVIDIA and ATI drivers have also been included in the Programs folder for ease of installation. The Programs folder is near completion and is expected that the final release of Explorer will contain all the required tools.

So for those of you who like to test Linux distributions, here is your chance. Please make sure you provide feedback to the developers so that they can continue to make improvements to their software.

Pioneer Linux website here.

Comments welcome.

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