Today, David asks:

Hi Matt,

You recently featured a question from Ron about a Registry cleaner. This got me thinking. I have a 20Gb hard drive, divided into two 10Gb partitions. The idea was that I would use one partition (the C drive) for Windows, and the other partition (D drive) for all of my application programs (I use an external 500Gb USB drive for all of my data). I now find that Windows has eaten my C Drive, and my D Drive is hardly used at all. Is there a way of recombining these two partitions into one, without having to reinstall all of my applications?

While this may prove to be problematic and I certainly offer zero promises that all will turn out fine, I believe you should see a fair outcome with the understanding that playing with partitions means backing up important data – always.

So, I see three options here for a potential merging of your partitions. The first being Partition Magic, the second being Ranish Partition Manager and the one I use with my partitions, the GParted Live CD. Because you are exclusively a Windows user, I am going to recommend Partition Magic. Speaking from experience, I have never had Partition Magic fail me. Not even once.

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