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Hello from a fellow Des Moines boy that left the cold, heat, and humidity to live in a climate that is close to paradise; the only difference being that mine is San Diego and yours is Seattle.

I realize it is a couple of weeks after-the-fact, but better late than never. I, like you, am a Musicmatch Jukebox Plus user and recently started to experience problems with it freezing up and/or shutting down a lot. Damn, I hate to see Jukebox bite the Yahoo! dust. Maybe it will leave the player alone and just focus on its online music sales… one can only hope! Jukebox has been everything I could ask for in a player/burner for many years now, however, I emailed its tech department asking about possible driver problems. It sent me a detailed list of the steps necessary to remove all previous Musicmatch software and the necessary data for a complete reinstall… it now works great and have not had a single problem with my beloved Jukebox since. It is also about ten times faster than before. I realize that with your years of computer experience, knowledge, and aptitude, you have probably already tried this route. But, just in case, here are the instructions the company sent me:

The steps to take you through a very thorough uninstall and reinstall of Musicmatch Jukebox are provided below. This is necessary because other software related to Musicmatch that is not removed during a standard uninstall must also be removed. To proceed, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Make sure all Musicmatch applications are shut down.

  1. Close Musicmatch Jukebox.
  2. Open the Task Manager (use the CTRL+SHIFT+ESCAPE key-combination on your keyboard.) 3. Click the “Processes” tab.
  3. Click the “Image Name” column title to sort the list alphabetically.

Please check if any of the following applications appear in the list:

  • setup.exe
  • mmjb.exe
  • mim.exe
  • mimboot.exe
  • mmdiag.exe
  • mm_Tray.exe
  • mm_TDMEngine.exe
  • mmjbburn.exe
  • mmjblaunch.exe
  • mm_server.exe

If so, simply highlight the application(s) then click the “End Process” button.

Note: Ending a process may take several seconds. You may also see a message indicating that the application is not responding during this time. We assure you that this is normal. Just click the “End Now” button if you see this message.

Exit the Task Manager.

Step 2: Uninstall Musicmatch Jukebox using Add/Remove Programs

  1. Click the Start button on the Windows taskbar.
  2. Click “Control Panel.”
  3. Click “Add or Remove Programs.”
  4. Select “Musicmatch Jukebox.”
  5. Click the “Change/Remove” button.
  6. Select “Yes” if you are asked to verify that you want to remove any shared files.

After removing the file, be sure to reboot your PC.

Step 3: Remove any leftover files that were not automatically removed during uninstall.

  1. Delete any remaining Musicmatch Jukebox shortcuts from your desktop
  2. Close any applications that are currently running on your system. This includes any system tray applications located next to the clock on the Taskbar.
  3. Right-click on the Start button.
  4. Click “Explore”
  5. Navigate to the folder where Musicmatch was installed, for example: C: \ Program Files \
  6. Locate the “Musicmatch” directory, highlight it and press the delete key on your keyboard.
  7. Confirm that you want to delete it by clicking on “Yes.”
  8. Navigate to C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \
  9. Delete the InstallShield folder as well.
  10. Navigate to the Windows Temp directory, for example: C: \ Documents and Settings \ User \ Local Settings \ Temp
  11. Delete the files and folders in the Temp directory. Please note that any files that are in use will not be deleted.
  12. Navigate to the application data folder on your hard drive, for example: C: \ Documents and Settings \ user \ Local Settings \ Application Data \
  13. Locate the “Musicmatch” directory, highlight it and press the delete key on your keyboard.
  14. Confirm that you want to delete it by clicking on “Yes.”

Please note that “user” indicates your Windows account name. The Local Settings folder is a system folder that may be hidden. Ensure that you do not have folders hidden. If you are not sure how to unhide system folders, follow the instructions here.

After completing the steps above, restart your computer to save the changes you’ve made.

Step 4: Reinstall Musicmatch Jukebox.

Please download the setup file here.

To ensure a successful installation, please save the file to your desktop before running the installation. If the installation is successful, be certain to restart your computer once more to update the system registry.

Step 5: Enter your registration key.

  1. Open Musicmatch Jukebox.
  2. Click the “Help” menu.
  3. Select “Registration” and then select “Enter Key.”
  4. Enter your Musicmatch Jukebox Plus key in the space provided.

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