After reading more about the new iMacs, I’ve come to the harsh reality that my wife is going to need one for school. So it appears that we have no choice, Apple is about to make its entrance into our household.

Speaking for myself, I have never really seen the need for the Mac as Ubuntu does everything I need. But I must admit that ever since MainConcept decided not to bother releasing the now defunct MainActor program into the wilds of Open Source, I have been left looking for viable video editing tools.

In the past, I have been using a combination of KINO and KDENLive to meet my video editing needs, but I cannot help feel that having a Mac in the house will certainly be a welcome change as neither of the above options have seen much progress with new features lately. At least KINO has seen its share of recent bug fixes, but remains a rather ‘cutesy’ editor with no long term promise outside of the Windows Movie Maker crowd.

No, my best hopes were with MainActor, but their management made it clear that it is highly unlikely that it will be released with an open source license. It’s too bad really, because by allowing users to use this freely, they might have been able to sell encoding licenses through the free distribution of their application, with a non-GPL license, of course. Their loss, won’t be the first time a company misses the point, won’t be the last.

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