Several years ago, one would find it hard to believe that a major PC company would rally behind Linux. But times have changed and the number 2 PC manufacturer, Dell, is now doing just that. Not only is it offering Linux boxes here in the US, but it’s offering its wares to other countries as well.

At the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo held in San Francisco this past week, Cole Crawford, a IT Strategist for Dell, made some rather startling statements about his vision as to where Linux is heading. What struck me was the fact they he seems to feel that Vista may play a role in changing the way people view the Linux operating system for the desktop environment. He stated that, in his opinion, since some businesses have had to uninstall Vista and go back to XP, this could be an indication that Linux could have a chance at replacing some of those Windows boxes.

Mr. Crawford also addressed some of the issues facing the Linux community as he called for more driver support for printers, audio, and other things that need to function in Linux for it to become a viable replacement for Windows. He did state that Linux has a huge benefit over Windows when it comes to security citing this as its biggest benefit. With no registry or DLLs to hack, Linux is far more secure than Windows is.

With other companies such as Lenovo jumping on the Linux bandwagon, this could be the golden opportunity for Linux to increase market share. As I have stated many times before, it will be up to the Linux community to support the PC companies who are offering Linux boxes and to show the world that it is a force that can steal market share away from Windows.

2007 and beyond should be interesting to see how this plays out.

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