Taking photographs on a digital camera is fun, but these days I am worried about disk space, it is fast running out! If you have alteast 5 megapixel camera you know that the average file size will be in the range og 1.1 to 1.5 Mega Bytes. So started my hunting to reduce image size rapidly. I downloaded Fast Image Resizer, a small freeware application that will get the job done.

Fast Image Resizer is a simple image resizer that makes it easy to resize one or multiple images for web or email distribution. You can choose from several preset image sizes or specify a custom size, customize JPG compression and output quality and output the resized images to a new folder or create renamed copies in the same folder. Simply drop the images onto the interface and the resizing process will start automatically. Fast Image Resizer preserves EXIF data and can take advantage of dual or quad processors []

Download Fast Image Resizer.

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