For those of us who have been playing with Vista since it was released back in November 2006, have suspected that Vista was not really ready for prime time. I have read where some have called Vista the ME 2 of the computer world or have made statements that Vista flat wasn’t ready for public consumption. Some of the Vista critics have cited numerous flaws in Vista as proof that Vista was still a beta release.¬† My main criticism was that Vista was incredible slow when it came to file transfers and that my Vista box lost some of its ‘snappiness’ compared to Windows XP.

Well it seems that Microsoft either listened or was aware of some of these issues and will finally be giving us a service pack that may just correct  some of the performance and stability issues. Over at APC there is a review of a leaked copy of the SP1 beta for Vista that covers most of the changes.

What I found of interest were the user comments such as:

Yep, Vista real RTM December 1, 2007 everything else beforehand was mere beta testing given the performance issues which should have been fixed before RTM Nov 2006, shame Microsoft shame.

Other comments such as:

If SP1 will be the version that should have been released to market first, then I’ll wait for SP2, because I ran Vista when it first came out and it made my kitten die.

Or this one:

This update made a HUGE difference for me when dealing with large video files, or large numbers of video files.

Drag and drop in Vista now feels less like drag and die, and thumbnailing happens significantly faster.

Worlds of difference.

Whatever your feeling about Vista is, it would appear that SP1 may just cure some of the slowness some of us have experienced. I am looking forward to its release.

What do you think? Will you use SP1 hoping it cures the ills of Vista, or continue to wait for SP2?

Comments welcome.

Full APC article here.

PS I am a suspicious soul by nature. I just wonder how many of the comments were from REAL beta testers and not just wannabe’s?
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