Perhaps the title is a little bit too strong, yet the fact remains that spam and malware are completely out of control. Captcha proves to be ineffective and near useless, bandwidth is being pushed to the limit, and yet we still remain steadfast in maintaining a stiff upper lip, sentencing ourselves to continue the futility of end-user applications and silly little server appliances that do NOTHING to stop this problem at its source.

Based on the comments seen here, the bulk of us are all too happy to continue living in this world as is, doing next to nothing to prevent these problems from growing. And to some extent, I agree with many of the comments that were made. Still, asking ISPs to use training or refusing service to the uninformed is simply not going to happen without outside intervention. That is why we have a government to help keep the peace, even in cyberspace. So as you continue to disinfect your PCs and remove ad-filled email from your inboxes, consider some of your own alternatives to my suggestions. If they actually stand a chance of working, then by all means let’s make some noise to get them put into motion.

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