Well Google has done it again. They have added a full featured Office Suite called Star Office to their already impressive Google Pack. The price? Free naturally. If you are not familiar with Star Office it is a suite of products including a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and data base software bundled into one complete package.

The download is large and Google highly recommends a broadband connection. Once the download completes, the installation package installs on its own with no fuss nor muss. After the suite is setup, you are now able to enjoy Star Office after a painless registration process. I found all of the softwares easy to use and very similar to MS Office.

On the Sun site they describe Star Office 8 as:

Enhanced usability, compatibility, interoperability, new XML File Format, and more developer features and tools all combine to make StarOffice 8 the best office suite value by far.

StarOffice 8 Writer

Whether you need to snap out a quick memo or craft an in-depth report with a table of contents, diagrams, and indexes, StarOffice 8 Writer makes it simple. New: Mail merge wizard and format paintbrush.

StarOffice 8 Calc

The StarOffice 8 Calc spreadsheet lets you calculate, analyze, and share your data quickly and easily. New: More rows per sheet and enhanced DataPilot (called PivotTable in Microsoft Office).

StarOffice 8 Impress

StarOffice 8 Impress is a full-featured presentation tool. Check out: Preformatted templates, Flash export and support for CustomShapes (called AutoShapes in Microsoft Office).

StarOffice 8 Base

StarOffice 8 enables you to easily create “self-contained” database documents with all relevant data, table definitions, reports, and forms. New: Table wizards make it easy for anyone to set up a database.

Star Office is a great alternative to MS Office and you can’t beat the price. Free. You can get a free copy from the Google Pack web site located here.

While you are at the Google Pack site, check out their other fine software products as well. All are free. My favorite program is Picasa for photo’s which I have been using for several years. I highly recommend this software as well. Oh yeah! They are all free.
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