How do you share links that you enjoy with your friends? Many technical folks opt to use a service like to bookmark and share links, but those with friends that aren’t as inclined towards technology may still use standard e-mail to send useful and entertaining links back and forth to one another. Regular e-mail methods work, but they can be enhanced thanks to inventive Web services. Siphs still encourages you to use e-mail to share these links with others, however, it redefines the way in which this is done.

By installing a bookmarklet that works with Firefox and Internet Explorer, you gain instant access to the functionality that Siphs has to offer. The next time you visit a Web site that you’d like to share, all you have to do is click on the Siphs button in your browser, add individual recipients or groups, specify the description, and then send it off to whomever you specify. They’ll receive the message, and once they opt-in, they’ll be a part of this link exchange activity. Another helpful feature of the service is that it stores the links that have been sent and received so that you won’t have to rely on your Inbox to keep track of everything.

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