I have had my old Nokia E70 since it was first released overseas. Through a little bribery, I managed to get an unlocked model early and have been feeling mixed about it ever since. It had some very cool features overall, but I was quickly turned off by the clumsy UI and poor appearance of the phone itself. The only two things I really loved about the phone was the web browser and the in-call display, which was fantastically easy on the eyes. Oh and the keyboard, it had a decent keyboard as well.

Having used this back when I was still dual booting with a Windows desktop, I had a heck of a time getting it to sync; via USB or otherwise. The software was nice enough I suppose, but the phone just left me wishing for my old Audiovox 5600 Smartphone. After a little more time to become disgusted with the fact that I needed to BUY the ability to have my keypad automatically lock, I ended up with the phone I have had for over a year now – the Cingular 8125. Even with some of the hassles of Windows Mobile like having to manually kill of running apps from Settings/Memory, the phone is the best mobile product I have ever used, much less owned. Pick yourself up an extended battery and setup the voice dialing that actually works (unlike with the E70), you will likely never go back to anything else. This is the perfect phone to bundle with any MS Exchange account, chat with friends over the built in MSN messenger and even write, edit and email off content from Word and Excel, which comes with the phone free (again, nothing even CLOSE to this with the Nokia).

So how does this working with my full-time usage of Ubuntu today? Easily, thanks to Evolution and an affordable MS Exchange account. All you need is a domain name and you are all set.

Do you have a mobile device that is to die for? Perhaps the new Blackberry is better than sliced bread? Hit the comments, let’s hear about it!.

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