Knowing how sick and tired people are with trying to stay one step ahead of spam these days, I thought I might take a moment to put together some of my recommended applications for dealing with. They each range from free to paid, but all of them are good enough to help make a significant dent in your spam’s inbox.

  • SpamBayes. Without question, one of the better means of using intelligent Bayesian filtering versus that Blacklisting nonsense. A great fit for Outlook users, SpamBayes is extremely simple to use and completely free to obtain.
  • POPFile. Not nearly as easy to use, however it does have with some cool Outlook-ready plugins available for separate installation should you want it, although I have never bother with them. Setup is a bit more involved, unless the installer has been improved since I last used it on Windows. On the flip side, it is MUCH more than a spam filter as you can ‘train’ it through the local server UI in your browser to filter anything anyway you want it – it’s not rule based, which means you can get pretty fancy with the app training. Filtering effectiveness after significant training on my machines – 98.61% accurate.
  • SpamCube. I actually was looking into this for some of my own family, as the effectiveness of the box has been really impressive. Simple to use, zero config really needed, this SpamCube provides some fantastic results, be it not a free hardware appliance. An added bonus is the ability to subscribe to anti-virus and anti-phishing services as well. Again, not really for the power user, but it might be a great fit for the install it and forget about it crowd.

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