Toshiba announced that it will begin production of a 320 GB hard drive for the laptop. The production is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2007:

“…The drive is one of a series of five that make up Toshiba’s new MKxx52SX family of hard-disk drives. The 320GB model will contain two platters — the circular disks on which data is recorded. Other drives in the range will offer between 80GB and 250GB of storage space. They will connect via a 3Gbps serial ATA (SATA) interface.”

link: Toshiba to offer 320GB laptop drive from Q4

Undoubtedly, as more laptop hard drives reach this capacity, the price will drop. However, at this point, Toshiba has not announced the pricing for its initial 320 GB offering. All that storage may be carry a big price tag – and a data breach with a laptop, with this much capacity, would be disastrous.

Catherine Forsythe

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