The good folks over at Secunia have a nice, free, web-based tool to scan your computer for certain common vulnerabilities. I’m surprised I didn’t pick up on this before, as I get the Secunia alert newsletter.:

Secunia Software Inspector
6 December, 2006 – Secunia is proud to announce the availability of the Secunia Software Inspector. Detect and update insecure software.

They’ve also released a Beta version of Secunia Personal Software Inspector, also free, that you can install on your PC, as well as a paid version for corporate networks, Secunia Network Software Inspector.

A new addition to the Secunia Software Inspector series, the free Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI), is now available for BETA testing. Capable of detecting and categorising more than 4,200 applications.

Secunia Network Software Inspector (NSI) – Available Now
16 May, 2007 – More than 1,600 companies participated in the BETA test of the Secunia NSI. The Full Featured Secunia NSI is available now.

According to Windows Secrets Newsletter, Issue 120, 2007-08-16, who performed a test with some of its subscribers, the top ten applications most likely to be installed and un-patched are:

1. Adobe Flash Player 9.x
2. Sun Java JRE 1.6.x/6.x
3. Macromedia Flash Player 6.x
4. Macromedia Flash Player 8.x
5. Macromedia Flash Player 7.x
6. Apple QuickTime 7.x
7. Macromedia Flash Player 5.x
8. Mozilla Firefox 2.0.x
9. Macromedia Flash Player 4.x
10. Adobe Reader 7.x

I’ve always been pretty good about keeping up, but a couple applications on the list were on my PC, unpatched. I am happy to report that because of this test, I am now fully patched.

Everyone should run it.

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