As you may remember back on the 17th of August, I had asked for some ‘beta testers’ for a self-contained Firefox/Evolution data back-up utility I created out of some crazy little bash scripts. It did not take some of you very long to realize that perhaps this is not so crazy after all. One specific fix by Mike T. (see the code itself for full credit) made this push forward to the point where the master directory can be extracted from the compressed folder anyplace and work flawlessly every single time.

Why does this matter? Because here soon, it is going to mean that you will be able to manually sync the data from the above two applications in both Ubuntu and in Windows, locally or remotely. For those of you dual booting on a regular basis and fearing the loss of bookmarks or mail on one partition or another, this is a very important thing.

It’s wild, but it was you guys that helped me by reviewing my code that have brought us to version .03. By the time we get this simple, but useful idea into the full swing of things at version 1.0, you should be seeing a GUI for both the Windows and Linux versions. Once it goes from Batch files and Bash scripts into two separate, yet unified apps, well, who knows where this crazy experiment will end up.

If you are needing to be 100% sure that your Evolution mail/Calender data and Firefox browser data is ready to be safely backed up to a removable drive, just visit this link and ask for the beta of this concept. It’s open source, all you have to do is follow the license included. And yes, it works PERFECTLY on any Ubuntu and Linux Mint box. Just be sure to read the readme file closely, so you do not goof anything.

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