If you play with Windows a lot, like me, you probably know that it is always a good idea to create a restore point. So, if something goes wrong you can just get back to the previous state as quickly as possible. Instead of going the traditional method (Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | System Restore |Create a restore point and the completing the rest of the wizard.) I found a small vbs file that will do the trick.

First, open notepad (Start | Run | notepad) then paste the following:-

rp = “Scripted Restore Point by ” & WScript.ScriptName

GetObject(“winmgmts:\.rootdefault:Systemrestore”).CreateRestorePoint rp, 0, 100

Save the file with an extension .vbs instead of the default one by entering “instant_restorepoint.vbs” including the quotes, now the script is ready.

In Windows XP, you can launch the script directly to create a restore point, wheras if you are using Windows Vista; you will have to create a shortcut (Right click | New | Shortcut) input “wscript.exe<space><path-to-the-script>”

eg: wscript.exe C:Documents and Settingsknight17Desktopinstant_restorepoint.vbs

Now run the script as an administrator (Rightclick|Run as admin..) and when prompted by the UAC click continue.

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