Over at consumeraffairs.com they are reporting another Dell laptop fire, this time from a man in Ohio. Included on the site are a few photo’s of the burning laptop and the after affects of the laptop which is burned to a crisp. Unfortunately what is not covered in the article is whether the battery in the flaming unit had previously been replaced. Or if the laptop in question was even one of the recalled unit to begin with.

After millions of batteries were recalled last year, one would hope that the problem of exploding batteries was solved. But this incident could make the rest of us how safe are we just because the battery in our laptop wasn’t recalled? But until more information surfaces on this incident, we will have to wait for clarification. I am sure Dell will be sending an investigator for a look-see of the unit in question.

On their web site consumeraffairs.com describes the incident:

A computer network administrator at a Columbus, Ohio, hospital is the latest consumer to encounter the flaming laptop syndrome.

Douglas Brown said his Dell 9200 wide-screen laptop’s batteries exploded into flames, it “looked like fireworks which would have been cool had it not been in my house.”

Brown called 911 and the fire department responded with two pumpers, a ladder truck, the HAZMAT unit, an ambulance and the battalion chief.

“Way too much manpower for one little laptop,” he said, but “I guess it sounded like it was more then it really was” to the 911 dispatcher.

Full story here.

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