Well the rumors did prove to be true. Acer is going to buy Gateway. According to Reuters,  Acer will become the third largest PC retailer and will continue the Gateway line of computers in the US. The report also states:

Acer said it would pay $1.90 per Gateway share, representing a premium of 57 percent over Gateway’s last closing price. The U.S. firm’s stock rose 59 cents, or 49 percent, in pre-market trading on Monday to $1.80, from a Friday close of $1.21.

Acer said the merger would create a company with more than $15 billion in sales and 20 million PCs shipped per year, adding it would keep the Gateway brand in the United States.

On a worldwide basis, the tie-up would help Acer — Taiwan’s most recognized global brand — displace Lenovo.

I hope that the Gateway brand will continue on as before and that they retain their quality.

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