MozBack is a small utility tool that makes backing up your profile when using Mozilla products. MozBackup supports Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Mozilla Suite and Netscape. The tool is easy to use and besides creating a backup also has the ability to restore a profile as well. MozBackup and can changed from its default settings so that the user can modify what needs to be backed up. The MozBackup site feature a forum, faq’s and other helpful hints to assist a user in using their product.

Other information on the MozBackup site are:

What’s *.pcv format?

It’s a normal ZIP file. You can rename PCV to ZIP and extract files manually too.

Where is a Linux version?

Sorry, no Linux version.

Where is a Mac version?

Sorry, no Mac version.

Is there a way to make MozBackup work with Portable Firefox?


Is there a way to make automatic backup?

No at this moment. MozBackup 1.5 will support this feature.

Must I uninstall a previous version of MozBackup before installing a new version?

Yes, it’s recommended.

So there you have it. A simple to use program to make it easy for anyone to backup and restore their profile.

MozBackup site is located here.

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