There should be an image here!Startup Doctor is an efficient and simple software to control and manage the applications that start with Windows.

There are lot of applications that start with Windows and keep running in background. Many of these applications are not required and they utilize the resources of your computer. Through Startup Doctor, you can remove or disable these applications, which can make your computer noticeably faster. There are also lots of spyware, adware, trojans, and other malware that add themselves to start with Windows. Through Startup Doctor, you can identify and remove them!

Apart from the basic functionality of creating, editing, and deleting startup applications, there are also very useful functionalities to help you further to control startup applications. You can either disable or delete a startup entry (which you can later enable if you so choose).

Startup Doctor helps you to start or stop an application from its interface. From Startup Doctor you can generate a startup report containing the list of applications being started with Windows and their detailed information.

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