First of all: Help me, Obi-wan Kenobi…

Next: If you’ve ever wanted an Alienware PC (and who hasn’t?) but couldn’t afford the bazillion bucks and firstborn kid, you can at least alienate your Windows XP desktop. (Sorry, no Vista. Alienware sticks with reliable operating systems.)

For only your second-born (joking, it’s free) you can download AlienGUIse, which will give you a choice of four desktop skins to make your old Dell rock like an Aurora. Well, it’ll look as though it’s rocking like an Aurora, as long as you don’t move anything. You also get WindowBlinds — although it will work only with AlienGUIse as far as I can tell — and a little docking toolbar that’s apparently supposed to let you clear all the unnecessary junk off your desktop. Fortunately, it can be disabled easily.

You do have to give them an email address so that they can send you an occasional cool online catalog. You can unsubscribe later if you want to, but personally I love the things. Such excess. (Try configuring the Area 51 laptop to see how expensive you can make it. They start at $5300.00 US.)

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