Nano-computing is the goal of having computers that function on the molecular level. Atoms would convey the data. The simple translation to this is ‘small’:

“CHICAGO (Reuters) – Imagine cramming 30,000 full-length movies into a gadget the size of an iPod.

Scientists at IBM said on Thursday they had moved closer to such a feat by learning how to steer single atoms in a way that could create building blocks for ultra-tiny storage devices.”

link: Two IBM discoveries add promise for nano-computing

The convenience and efficiency of having such high level storage are balanced by the nightmare of losing enormous amount of information. Imagine how much data could be compromised with the lose of just one of these future storage units. Encryption – and perhaps some form of automatic data destruction upon unauthorized data access – would be the default. High storage hard drives might be looked upon as ‘how they did it in the old days’…

Catherine Forsythe

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