You gotta laugh. Depending on who you wish to believe in the monopoly fiasco, Microsoft is either a saint or a sinner. On the on hand the DOJ is telling us that all is now well. They site Firefox, Opera and Safari to show that their is now plenty of competition in the market place. Oh yeah. They toss in Linux as a show stopper saying see, Dell and Lenovo are shipping systems with an alternate operating system. I guess HP shipping Linux systems to Australia doesn’t count.

On the flip side, we have 7 State Attorney Generals from, Connecticut, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, the commonwealth of Massachusetts, the District of Columbia and California who disagree. They seem to feel that not enough change has been accomplished and that Microsoft is still a monopoly. They cite all kinds of numbers and percentages which purport to show that the monopoly is still intact.

Oops! Now we have New York, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Maryland, and Ohio who are happy campers and think that the DOJ has done a fine job. These states side with the DOJ so now the score is 7 to 6 with a few more innings left to play. Don’t bother trying to keep track of the balls and strikes. I’m still trying to figure out who is on first.
I guess the big question is does anyone really care? Does placing a label on Microsoft as a monopoly or non-monopoly going to change what has been and continues to be a……….well……… a monopoly …….. I mean friendly competition! LOL
What do you think?

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You can read Microsoft’s court filing here in .pdf

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