Sometimes I try to organize my folders. I like my HDD to be well organized so it will be easy to find the files I need, at the right time, instead of looking here and there.

Today, I was organizing my eBooks collection; it was full of chaos after I added many books from my friend’s PC. So, I started to organize them: Programming, Operating Systems, History, Religion, Language, Science, Philosophy, Reference, Dummies Guides, Physics, Money, Novels, Encyclopedias, Magazines, Photography. I was soon fed up with creating new folders.

Creating new folders is simple. Just right click | New Folder. But I got annoyed when I had to create multiple folders. Fortunately, someone else had already found a simple solution for this pestiferous problem: a shortcut to create new folders.

mdAxelerator is a 16K .exe that enables you to define shortcut keys for creating new folders and makes it possible to change some other stuff. You can define the key combinations you wish to create new folders. The default is: [Alt]+[Shift]+[N].

You can also set it to start automatically when Windows boots; I don’t mind this damned small freeware application “hogging” my RAM.

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