Recenty I was browsing around on Logitech’s site, and I was thinking of getting the Harmony 890 Advanced Universal Remote

Harmony 890 Advanced Universal Remote

Harmony 890 Advanced Universal Remote

– that is, until I saw the price tag! At $399.99, it’s a little bit out of my price range for the moment – not really but I’m not quite willing to fork over that amount of cash for a remote just yet – and it’s not made of gold either…

Anyway, as I was saying, I was browsing through the site, when I noticed a link that says “Gadgets for Windows Vista”. Naturally, I was curious. I clicked the link, and I wind up here: “Download Vista Gadgets“.

Well, I scroll down and I see…

three nifty tools that just might be useful as gadgets. Under the title “Gadgets for Keyboards and Mice” I see a “Keyboard Dashboard” that tells you basically, how fast you are typing (word per minute), what your average words per minute typing rate is, and the total number of words you have typed. You can also reset the count to zero at anytime by clicking the little reset button. Another gadget is the Key Lock Status Gadget. And finally, there is Error Rate Calculator Gadget.

The Key Lock Status Gadget simply puts a gadget on your desktop that lets you see the status of you Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock keys. Useful if you are using a laptop, or for that matter, any keyboard where you don’t really want to have to look for the little light to tell you if you are typing your password in ALL CAPS or not. 🙂

The last one, the Error Rate Calculator, basically tells you what your typing error rate is – that is, how often you have to hit that Backspace key to correct an entry.

Logitech Gadgets for Windows Vista Sidebar

As you can see here, I’m typing about 68 words per minute on average, and I’ve typed a total of 2856 words (at the time of the screen shot). My error rate was about 9.5% – that means for every 100 characters I’m typing, I’m having to correct about 9 – 10 of them. Not bad. Oh, and my Num Lock was on (it normally is).

Despite the fact that Logitech says these gadgets work with your “Logitech Wireless Keyboard”, the actual fact is, you don’t need anything Logitech at all on your system to put them to use. They’ll work just fine with any keyboard you have!

The nicest thing about these gadgets is they are 100% free! Yep, free. So you can download them, put them on your system, and you don’t ever have to worry about someone trying to tell you that you have to pay for them – and with today’s high gas prices, I’m all about “Free!”

Oh, and they look really nice on my black background! About the only thing I can say bad about these gadgets, is that they don’t have any other color themes except black, but then again, black is universal, so they should go nicely on almost any desktop.

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