Memory leaks in Firefox continue to plague many of us who use this browser, and both Mozilla and also a site called Cybernet offer some things to try. One of the most interesting things I have read about the Firefox memory problems is that even if you uninstall a theme or extensions, you may still have problems. It seems that besides eliminating the theme or extensions, one may wish to consider setting up a new profile. On the Mozilla site they state:

Important: The Firefox configuration, bookmarks and other personal data, and information on themes and extensions are stored in your profile. Uninstalling and reinstalling does not change the profile data, and therefore may not solve the problem. Many “Firefox” problems are caused by incompatible themes or extensions. See if the problem goes away when you switch to the default theme or, if the problem appeared after installing a new extension or after upgrading Firefox, try updating, disabling or uninstalling your added extensions before going through the diagnostic steps below.

At the Cybernet site the author lists extensions that are known to cause memory leak problems. The list is quite large and I use some of the extensions mentioned by the author. Also stated on the site is:

Unfortunately not all of the problems have not been solved when it comes to the extensions. Some can still cause Firefox to crash, leak memory, or make your CPU usage skyrocket. Today I thought that I would revisit the current status of extensions to see which ones are still causing the problems.

One would think that if so many themes and/or extensions are causing memory problems, the folks at Mozilla would put some pressure on the developers to correct the situation. Or is this possible? Share your thoughts.
Cybernet article located here.

Mozilla diagnostics for Firefox here.

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