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Ponzi and I leave for a trip to Germany on Saturday. I’ve been concerned about how I can get power for my devices while on the flight. Now, I have my answer.

Not long ago, I recorded a video showing off all my travel gear. These are devices, adapters, and the like that go with me when I have to be on the road… and a few new ones bought for this trip. I’ve been confused as to how I would manage to charge anything, though, while in transit.

Enter Inflight! Inflight USB Power Unit is a plug compatible with any standard USB charging cable. The Inflight USB Power unit plugs into the passenger seat audio jack and outputs regulated power to the attached USB charging cable/connector. Now I can plug this sucker in to my audio jack and power up my PSP, my iPod, my phone… or any of my other devices I seriously cannot live without!

This is why I think all devices should charge via a USB cable, if not natively, then by an adapter. Wouldn’t it be great if new houses being built had little USB outlets in the wall, right next to electrical outlets? I’m telling ya, folks. This is the wave of the future.

So cool. Thanks so much for this advice. The $20 or $30 I just spent on this Inflight adapter is well worth the money, and will quickly become my favorite travel gadget of all!

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