Lenovo the current company that produces the Thinkpad model of laptop systems, is considering coming out with a line of Linux based notebooks. They currently are conducting a poll asking for user input on which distribution of Linux they should employ on the new systems. Over at the Lenovo blog they state:

I’ve been following the discussion in the comments with much interest and a few things are becoming clear to me:

  1. That we’re spending way too much time on the enterprise market and not enough on the enthusiast market. Enterprises have been, and will continue to be, slow to adopt Linux for some of the reasons I outlined, but there are nonetheless a LOT of people running Linux out there, especially on their ThinkPads.
  2. That I need to try Ubuntu. One of our competitors has done so and it seems to be working out for them. (I won’t say who, because every time I mention a competitor by name, you should see the five-alarm fire that erupts over here. You all know who I’m talking about though.)
  3. We’re not anti-Linux and I’m not anti-Linux. Like other vendors we’re trying to figure out what our strategy should be. You all know that I can never comment on anything unannounced, so I took an extreme stance to stimulate discussion.

Thank you all for the well-reasoned and articulate discussion. I hope that it will continue. I’m going to put another poll question up asking which Linux you all would like to see offered. (Though I think I know the answer already). Due to the limitations of our polling plug-in, I think it may disable the previous poll, so if it disappears, that’s what happened.

The current winner in first place is Ubuntu. 🙂

Comments welcome.

Lenovo blog site here.

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