Seems like the one constant on any OS, Windows or otherwise, is the amazing hassle vendors making the simple task of syncing a device to a computing appliance.

Today, Ron asks:

Here is another Vista question. For the most part I have been very satisfied with Vista. However, this one annoyance is major for me. I have an ASUS A636N PDA (purchased in July) and Windows Mobile 6 was recently installed by ASUS tech support. I have Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 installed on my PC (Intel Core 2 6700, 4 GB RAM, ATI X1900 AIW, 2 x 320 GB SATA HD). I am using Office 2007.

It will not sync! If I open the Mobile Device Center (or remove and then reconnect the PDA) I get a dialog box with a “Windows Mobile Device Center” title that states “Synchronization cannot be started because you are not able to log on to the network and access information. Restart your desktop computer and synchronize again. If the problem persists, contact your network administrator.” I am logged in with administrator privileges and the message does not make any sense to me.

Do you have any suggestions or can you point me in a direction that might help?

One of my key needs is that I have an easy way to maintain my calendar and contacts on my office PC and my home PC. (My office PC is running XP SP2 and ActiveSync 4.5 and I have no difficulty syncing the PDA with it.)

Never used the application myself, as I was happy with ActiveSync until I switched off of Windows completely. But I did manage to turn up some links that might be of help. First, make sure you are on the same page as this how-to with regard to setting up your device partnership. Then follow this how-to so you can make sure no steps are being missed along the way.

If it was me however, I do not ‘use a localized sync’ as I have found it to be a major pain in the butt and unreliable most of the time. What I did was subscribe to DSLExtreme’s MS Exchange hosting service. Understand that there is some configuration here, so you may indeed, need to call in for some fast, well versed support. Assuming you are using Outlook, this ought to be fairly painless to setup.

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