Today I received what I thought was a spam message concerning the cultivation of watermelons. Not any water melons, but square watermelons. According to the message square watermelons were easier to handle and less likely for the user to drop one, easily stored in your refrigerator since they wouldn’t roll around and easier to slice as well. It was funny that I should receive such a message because this morning my wife Jackie had gone to the store and bought a watermelon. When she arrived home I came outside to help her, opened the back of our SUV and almost had the watermelon she had purchased roll out the back.

Square watermelons? This has to be some kind of joke right? Nope. There is actually such a thing. Seems that in Japan they place watermelons inside of square glass containers while the melon is a young seed. As it grows the melons takes on a square shape. In Japan these mutant melons sell for a whopping $80 or more which is a bit on the pricey side.

Want to see a square melon? How about with instruction on a do it yourself project also?

Here you go melon lovers – site is here.

If you do a Google on square watermelons there is a lot more information available.

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