There is a group of people here who are about to make a group purchase of this year’s model motor scooter. As a group, everyone will benefit from a reduced price. Along with it being the end of the year model, there is considerable saving.

I have been trying to make up my mind whether to join in and buy one of these scooters. I have had experience driving one. I have used a motor scooter in Europe and they are really great fun, besides being very economical. A motor scooter here would be a great way to move about the city.

The one drawback that prevents me from making the commitment to buy one is that I don’t think that North American drivers are used to having scooter traffic share the roads. The drivers simple do not see the person on the scooter. It is as if the scooter rider is invisible in plain sight. It is similar to being on the streets and roads with a bicycle. I have had numerous ‘close calls’ with cars because they missed the fact that I was even there. I am wondering if it would be better or worse with a scooter. Certainly, there would be more speed – but that could be a negative as well as a positive factor.

The question then is whether to buy or not to buy. Are there any scooter riders who could provide some input? Thanks…


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