Before I begin, I just want to congratulate Apple for their success on their very popular iPod and iPhones. Apple has done a great job in providing a superior product compared to other products on the market. With this in mind, why does Apple continue to struggle in the computer market place?

Over at The New Your Times, Randall Stross has written an article concerning this very subject. I think we will all agree that Apple makes a great computer product. Yet Apple has struggled gaining market share. As Mr. Stross indicates in his article, Apple is selling more computers, but still remains at 3% market share. He also states:

Maybe, you might say, the moment has arrived to take a look at the Mac. You can easily order one online, of course. But if you’d like to take a test-drive before you commit, odds are that you’ll have to look far and wide for a store that sells it. The Mac’s presence in the retail world remains limited, a shame given the rare opportunity for Apple to gain market share that opened up when Vista arrived.

The Mac’s worldwide market share was 3 percent as of June 2007, according to Roger L. Kay, president of Endpoint Technologies Associates, a consulting firm in Wayland, Mass. That forlorn number looks even worse compared with Apple’s peak worldwide share of 14 percent in 1984, the year the Macintosh was introduced and sales of Apple II computers were the company’s mainstay.

One of the statements in the article states how Apple would not be satisfied with a 3% market share for their iPod or their iPhone, so why are they satisfied with such a small market share for their computers? Good question.

Do you think that Apple should sell their computers in retail stores such as Wal-Mart?

Comments welcome.

Complete Times article is here.

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