For the past six months all that we have been reading about is how AMD has lost market share, top brass were leaving in droves, and that the last person leaving AMD needed to shut off the lights. Some analysts even said AMD would be lucky to last until the end of 2007. On the flip side, Intel has continued its arrogant ways and has continued to bully vendors behind the scenes. Fortunately some like Dell, have chosen to use the AMD chips and may have given the company a much needed shot in the arm.

The latest and preliminary number from analyst iSuppli show that AMD actually has regained some market share back from Intel. In fact Q2 for AMD looked pretty good for the mini-processor giant. OK maybe not terrific, but good just the same. AMD hasn’t even released their top guns as of yet with Barcelona hiding in the wings. This bad boy is going to kick some Intel tail.

I have long been a supporter of AMD going all the way back to the K series of chips. In fact all of the machines I have personally build for myself and for my clients always had the AMD logo affixed. I always felt that it was my way of saying to Intel, stick it! I’m sure that the company has felt my wrath. LOL

It is good to see that AMD may just be getting back into the ball game. I sincerely hope they can stay in business for many years to come. Without AMD around to keep Intel honest, who knows how much we would be paying the blood suckers for their cpu power.

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PS I read yesterday that AMD is coming out with a 3 core processor.

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