At first, lists seem to be the most simplistic type of content to create. All you have to do is write things out in a certain order and then you’re done. We’ve been writing lists on standard paper in addition to napkins and gum wrappers for quite some time, and if lists are boring to you, then that’s because you haven’t seen what you can do with them online. Not only do they quickly become collaborative, but you can also enjoy some other added benefits. Listphile demonstrates and enables you to use some of these list features in a nice way.

While lists are certainly a part of Listphile, you can also create and share atlases and databases. The integration of voting, images, video, and maps really helps the service to stand out, and you’ve probably never seen lists like this before. Text can only go so far, but adding other visual and interactive elements makes each item stand out. From now on, anything less just won’t be acceptable.

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