While we are all aware that substances like drugs, alcohol and gambling have a terrible grip on many people did you realize that many more of us are addicted to television and the Internet? Of course, you may then ask yourself how you can possibly hope to keep up with the current trends and the latest gossip if you are not connected to these devices. After all it is fun to keep up with the misery of Hollywood celebrities, as well as, the rich and famous.

To determine if you are an electronics junkie, aka addict, ask yourself how many times you check your email a day. Be truthful.  If you said more than twice then you qualify as a legitimate Internet junkie. However, if you said only once a day or not at all then you classify as a redneck or illiterate so you can see it is a very fine line.

If you have decided that you would be classified as an addict then ask yourself why you would need to get information more often than once a day.

Now let’s look at television. There should be a law against 24-hour television as it not only keeps people from going to sleep at a reasonable time at night but also uses electricity that especially in California is a precious commodity. After all, when I was a kid they only had three network channels and PBC which mostly came in looking like they were being filmed in the middle of a snowstorm. Since that was the case watching television was a rarity not an hour by hour occurrence. Of course, during those years the FCC only allowed programming to be broadcast between the hours of 6am and midnight and if you think about it that more than enough television for anyone.

That brings up another question. Who lobbied to get the FCC to change their criteria? Or should I say who paid them off so that we would be infiltrated by 24/7 programs that include nightly non-stop infomercials and televangelist broadcasts?  Between the two, Americans are being hit up for and taken for more cash than they could lose in a gambling casino. Maybe the infernal begging and selling would end if America’s insomniacs joined together to file a class action suit against the networks doing the broadcasting. Another, possible positive side effect of this suit would be that many insomniacs might find that they are cured when they have no noise invading their eardrums or lights flickering to distract them from sleep. 

Then while we are at it maybe we could think about suing Bill Gates for carpal tunnel syndrome which can be caused by the constant emails, texting, and mouse clicks that his windows program requires.

So, give the stars in Hollywood a break, turn off your televisions, and shut off your computer and maybe, just maybe, you will be able to overcome your electronics addiction.

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