I remember reading somewhere that about 25% of us here in the US move every year. In our relocation madness, trying to find a new abode can be difficult, especially when your trying to do it long distance. I am familiar with Realtor.com as one resource to try and find housing in another area. But now there seem to be others who are getting into the action as well.

One of the companies is called trulia.com that offers more than just finding a new home. They also offer some advice as well on how to buy. As an example, I briefly looked at this question from a reader who wanted to know if it was better to sell a home and than buy a home in the new location OR, buy first and try to sell your home. The answer:

You are always better off selling first then buying, and Ruth’s example is the classic reason. Getting stuck with two mortgages can be a serious financial problem for most people. As noted you can put in a contingency clause in your contract that your new purchase is to close concurrently with your existing home or the one I use is that “the close of escrow on your current home is subject to your finding and closing escrow on a new property.”

However in a market like the current one you might consider selling your home and renting for six months in the city where you want to move. It may mean moving twice but it can also be a benefit when you are moving to a new location to check out neighborhoods and decide which is the best place for your family.

Another search site for real estate is called zillow.com. I’m not sure if it was just my impression, but this site seems to be more interested in selling Direct TV than helping you find real estate.

I also noticed that when doing searches on both sites, both came back with different results. This leads me to conclude that no one site has every listing available, including Realtor.com. Your best bet may be to use them all.

Zillow can be found here.

Trulia can be found here.

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