Seems like everywhere I turn these days, Dell is struggling not to tick someone off. Personally, despite the good intentions they had with offering Ubuntu, it did not take long for their real reasoning to become clear – free press. With that said, they still have a chance to pull their act together, but I fear that selling cheap $350 PCs alone is not going to compete against the ability to go to Best Buy and purchase a new HP with zero mailing time.

One other thing that Dell had better get a handle on is their amazingly poor customer service for Windows users. Not saying that any mainstream PC manufacturer has hit this nail on the head, but are they serious?

Maybe I am being too hard on them here? Perhaps their not as bad as I have said in the past, right? Yeah, and I flew into my home office today on Harry Potter’s magic broom and had tea-n-crumpets all afternoon. Mark my words, Dell is going to be doing some serious restructuring because at this point, they are simply failing to provide anything short of really cheap computers with craptacular service. They used to be on top of their game, but this seems to have been lost forever at this point.

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