SNK Playmore and Ignition Entertainment are pleased to announce the European release of the Art of Fighting Anthology for PlayStation 2.

Originally released in 1992, Art of Fighting was the first title in the NEOGEO ‘100 Mega Shock’ series, and set new standards within the fighting genre. With the introduction of the then new Spirit Gauge, Super Special Moves, use of the ‘zoom in/zoom out’ function and battle damage to the characters faces, the AOF series soon built a solid fan base which is still going strong today.

The Anthology contains Art of Fighting, Art of Fighting 2 and the first appearance of Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior away from the original NEOGEO platform. The success of these titles has seen many of its characters cross over into SNK’s other major fighting franchise King of Fighters.

‘Upon its release Art of Fighting raised the bar in the fighting genre with the inclusion of many new features that are today now commonplace.’ says Peter Rollinson, Product Manager, Ignition Entertainment ‘with all three games included; this will be a valuable package for any fighting game fan.’

Key Features:

  • Arcade Perfect conversions
  • All 3 games on 1 action packed disc
  • Total of 33 characters, each with their own unique fighting styles
  • Colour Edit mode – Customise your favourite character

Art of Fighting Anthology for the PlayStation 2 is scheduled for release Winter ’07.

For further information please visit the official Web site.

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