There was a time when if you were a power user you needed a desktop computer system to run those heavy hitter software applications such as Adobe or Illustrator. But that was than and this is now. The current crop of laptop systems have improved over the years and now incorporate many of the features that were once limited only to desktops. Most of the newest laptop systems now can be ordered or purchased with Dual Core processing technology from either Intel or AMD, 1G or more of DDR RAM, and huge hard disks for data storage. Add to this multiple USB ports, card readers, DVD burners and wi-fi and you have a powerful system in a small container.

Small container. This is the beauty of a laptop. Portability + a small footprint. Laptops can go almost anywhere. I wanted a nice oak roll top desk for my office. There was no way I was going to be able to get a desktop to even fit behind the roll top itself. But with a laptop, it fits nicely on the desk and when closed I even can close the roll top. I am not limited to the desktop. I can take the laptop into any room I wish, and with wi-fi I can remain connected to the Internet.

Pricing. Prices for laptops have come down dramatically this past year. On any given Sunday you can purchase a el cheapo laptop system starting at $349. Yes, these are low end systems with limited abilities and Vista basic, but for simple emailing and web surfing they may just meet your needs. I was in Best Buy last Sunday and I spotted a loaded Gateway for $799, dual core, 2G RAM, DVD Burner, 250G hard disk, wi-fi, built-in web cam, Bluetooth, 3 USB ports, 5-1 card reader, ATI Radeon 256MB shared, and a 15.4″ wide screen with Vista Premium.

Laptop systems have gained in popularity and now comprise about 51% of new computer sales.

Plus they are sleek and sexy when compared to a desktop. 🙂
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