Penguins all over the world are cheering in delight that SCO is running for cover seeking chapter 11 bankruptcy status, in order to try and keep the company afloat. If you are not familiar with SCO they sued IBM, Novell and even threatened the very core of Linux in seeking status that they owned Unix and therefore everyone was violating their intellectual property rights.

What was strange about he lawsuit when it was first filed, was that Microsoft got involved and gave SCO some millions of dollars, I believe it was about $20 mil. to help SCO in their legal costs. At least that was what the rumors were. Rumors also had it that Microsoft was using SCO to attack the very heart of Unix and Linux which is a Unix derivative. The march of the Penguines began blasting SCO and their CEO Darl McBride and even Linus Torvalds called McBride a ‘liar’ and it seems the courts have agreed.

SCO is now running for cover since their assets amount to a mere $8 million and there is a possibility that the company may have to pay all court costs for the frivolous suit which could come to $25 million or more. I am sure SCO will go crying to Microsoft for a hand out of some sorts.

What is really interesting is not only did SCO backed by Microsoft fail to prove that either Unix or Linux were code stealer’s, but also the recent EU decision against Microsoft saying that MS is a monopoly. Over in Europe, Linux is kind of popular and they may not take kindly to anyone attacking it. With this in mind, this may hinder Microsoft from further attacking Linux with the 535 patent violation claim. They may do OK here in the US, but Europe may not see things the same way.

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