Seems like Dell is making more than just cosmetic changes to the company with some new offerings that sprung into the news this past week.

In London Dell announced a new low budget Super Computer that is designed for those doing research for such things as a cure for cancer. Some are calling this a publicity stunt but let’s face it, Dell could use some good press just like anyone else. The new ‘Legion’ system will have the power of at least 3,000 desktop computer systems.

Dell is also introducing a new brand of secure laptop systems that are encrypted using the Seagate technology to protect information on the hard disk. Both the Dell Latitude D630 and D830.1. will have this technology available.

Dell also plans on opening a retil outlet in a new shopping center being built in Moscow. Dell will be offering their full product line including desktops,laptops, printers, servers, and other accessories. Though Dell does sell their wares in retail stores such as Wal-Mart against other OEM’s, this will be Dells first Dell only store in the world.

Dell is also going into the recycling business. For a fee of $25 they will clean off the hard disk on any system and than recycle its parts. Dell has also been offering a curb side pickup service If you wish to participate in this service you can contact Dell directly to see if the program is available where you live. Dell lists the following information on their site:

To order Asset Recovery Services, contact your Dell representative at 1-800-757-8434

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