BRADLEY’S The Magdalene Mandala is a wonderfully written thriller with a twisting plot that may lead one to believe that the descendents of Jesus Christ’s bloodline now walk among us. Bradley’s extensive research and expertise regarding the Holy Grail allows him to present an epic novel that takes you from the archeological digs in Vermont, Quebec, Niagara, Ontario and elsewhere setting a rapid pace for this action-packed saga that will leave you on the edge of your seat. In fact, the entire novel is something like James Bond taking a part in the Da Vinci Code.  

Presented in a techno-survivalist manner the tale of the Holy Grail takes on a modern day appearance with its revelations of Christianity’s struggle for existence within the current energy crisis. Within this splendid work Bradley demonstrates how Christianity has been secretly preserved since the Ice Age in Ancient Egypt and in Megalithic Europe’s holiest places. Bradley even goes so far as to suggest that the reason behind the bloodshed and hatred towards the Christian world is caused by politically and religiously inspired determination by those in the Mid East to suppress the West’s genuine Christian legacy by destroying the damning evidence of the Holy Grail and those whose lives it has touched.  

The story itself includes a British linguist, an American ex-mercenary, their courageous French friends and their unsuspected Stewart allies, whose duty it has been to preserve the shocking secrets of a priceless parchment. The action centers around ensuring the survival of historical truth regarding the Western world’s oldest religious heritage and protecting the lives of Marc Rennsalaer and the two women he loves. To be successful these allies must fight against all odds to escape from Rennes-le-Chateau and Cathar-bloodied Carcassonne by fleeing along the beautiful Canal du Midi of southern France to reach the hallowed Glastonbury in England.  

As I read the book I felt that it was far superior to the Da Vinci Code as Bradley eloquently based his setting on his own experience along the Canal du Midi and included the latest archaeological discoveries and interpretations of Neolithic Europe.   Bradley was so thorough that he even included shocking admissions from Dr. Hyam Macoby, professor of Talmudic Studies at the Leo Baeck Institute in London. However, one plus that will make this exciting readers for some is that the novel includes graphic violence and torture scenes along with high-tech survivalist weapons and characters so three dimensional that you feel like you are right there beside them. While The Magdalene Mandala focuses on the Holy Grail, it  is no Da Vinci Code knock-off: The author is an established expert in the study of the Holy Grail and has been writing on the subject since the 1980s and actually served as a consultant for The Da Vinci Code movie. So, perhaps we will see The Magdalene on screen in the near future but I don’t think that any movie will be able to do justice to this book which will definitely take you for a ride on the wild side.[tags]action, novel, Holy Grail, Christianity, Ancient secrets, spies, fiction, Michael Bradley, Da Vinci Code, The Magdalene Mandala, Neolithic Europe, Holy places, [/tags]