Last week I read a complaint on one of the forums I associate with, being critical as to why Dell pricing is never the same as advertised when you actually add the item to your cart. So this morning when I saw this Dell ad for a Vostro 200 mini advertised at $399.00 I thought I would go to the Dell site to confirm the price and determine if it was actually only going to cost me $399.00.

The Vostro 200 comes with an Intel Dual at 1.6Ghz, 1G Ram, 80 SATA drive, CD-RW/ DVD player, sound, 10/100 network and a 17 inch flat panel monitor. Operating system is Microsoft Windows XP Home and no speakers are supplied. I didn’t add anything additional to the system, not even speakers. Price into the cart remained at $399.00. [Speakers could of been added for another $20]

Shipping for 3-5 business days was free. The only thing that was added to the order was sales tax.

1 Year Limited Hardware Warranty with Next Business Day On-Site Service

Which if we recall was one the the hints that was previously posted on the Internet about ordering a Dell system. Get a business system even if you are going to be using it for home use. You apparently get a better warranty that is included in the pricing. It was also mentioned that with a business system you also get better technical support.

Comments welcome.

Dell site here.

PS This sale ends 09-26-07.

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