Over at C/Net a writer by the name of Don Reisinger has written a scathing article in which he documents why he believes that Microsoft should abandon Vista. Some of what Don says has been batted around the Internet ever since Vista was released such as a high price tag, DRM and lack of Extras for Vista Ultimate. But he adds some other issues that he feels may also “bring the software giant to its knees–not Bill Gates’ departure.

Some of the issues he cites are:

With each passing day, it’s becoming blatantly clear that Microsoft released Vista too early and the company’s continual mistakes and promises that can’t be kept are further annoying the Windows faithful.

Much talk has been given to Service Pack 1 and how this update should address many of the issues users have with Vista, but I simply don’t agree. Will SP1 eliminate the ridiculous Microsoft licensing schemes? Will SP1 drop the price on the higher-end versions? Will SP1 eliminate the need for users to buy a new computer just to use the faulty OS?

SP1 will do nothing but fix the holes and issues we currently know about and create even more. As we all know from the days of Windows ME and even XP, Microsoft is not the best company at finding and addressing security issues, and chances are, Vista will be no different.

And also:

Never before have I seen such an abysmal start to an operating system release. For almost a year, people have been adopting Vista and becoming incensed by how poorly it operates. Not only does it cost too much, it requires more to run than XP, there is still poor driver support, and that draconian licensing scheme is a by-product of Microsoft picking on the wrong people.

WOW! Don doesn’t pull any punches. But is everything he is saying reason enough for Microsoft to drop Vista? I don’t know. I can only rely on my own personal experience with Vista Ultimate, and also now that I have tried SP1 beta, to give a personal opinion on it.

Out of the five computers I use for home/business use, only one had the poop required to run Vista Ultimate. This is my test system which I have used to not only test Vista Ultimate, but also Linux and Windows Home Server as well. This is also the same system I am using to test SP1 beta with. The machine is a dual boot XP/Vista. I did this originally because some of the software I use would not work on Vista, and also to compare the two operating systems side by side on the exact same computer. When I test Linux or other operating systems, I swap out hard disks. I have had to many bad experiences using boot mangers that have failed to try any of them.

I received my copy of Windows Vista for free from Microsoft as a gift for being a beta tester prior to Vista’s release. So I need to ask myself this question? Would I of purchased Vista? I would have to answer this question as yes, since I need to keep current on the latest and greatest so when I go to a clients home or business I don’t look like a total idiot. 🙂 But would I have purchased Vista Ultimate? I doubt it. I most likely would of bought Windows Vista Home Premium for System Builders which seems to be the least expensive.

I read over Don’s article three times. Some of what he states I agree with. Some I don’t.

I think what is most important is that each of us must make our own decision whether to switch to Vista. Not Microsoft, not Don, not me nor anyone else should make that decision for you.

My problem is that I personally find that Windows XP for me is kind of like a pair of old shoes. After years of use, it just feels good. That new pair of shoes may be more stylish and shiny, but your feet are going to scream when you first start to wear them. 🙂

What do you think? Should Microsoft abandon Vista?

Comments welcome.

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