I recently stumbled into a hornets’ nest between some Slashdot users and others in the Internet community concerning a practice where Firefox uses Google to check for forged Web sites. It seems that the way the system works is that Firefox relies on a database provided by Google to check for rogue sites. The FUD folks (anti-Googlers) think that this only helps Google since Google collects more information on our surfing habits.

Interesting. Who cares? If a company like Google is willing to compile a database of rogue Web sites, and does this for free, why wouldn’t the folks over at Mozilla take advantage of it? Who is better equipped to track these rogue sites? Google has the manpower and equipment to do the job. So why all of the FUD?

It makes one wonder. Does this FUD have anything to do with Google’s fantastic growth? Or that the two young men who started Google are now worth some $18+ billion each? That they own a private jet they get to park at a NASA facility? That Google stock keeps climbing with no end it sight? In other words, pure J E A L O U S Y!

The old adage ‘build a better mousetrap’ still applies. Google currently has the best mousetrap. Until it proves itself as an evildoer, why should we fear it?

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